Political Communication

We specialize in designing political communication programs and strategies for elections and government proposals. We use the best marketing tools and techniques, making the best use of the media, to propel your most important messages into society.

Hispanic Vote

Our success in consulting in the Hispanic political sphere and our in depth knowledge of Hispanic idiosyncrasy puts us in the ideal position for designing and implementing strategies when targeting important Hispanic communities.

Rumor clinic

We create systems for the prevention, deactivation and compensation of rumors that may surround a public figure or government body. With methods from the study of rumorology, we can correct destabilizing situations.

Marketing Social

We offer the necessary counsel and tools to match public perception with a government body’s actual achievements.

Public Opinion Crisis Management

We possess the necessary experience to control the public opinion crises that can destabilize a government body’s legitimacy or a public figure’s image.

Political career mapping

We offer a thorough consulting service for the planning of your political career, taking into account the different social scenarios our clients are faced with, and the best ways to confront them.

JJ Rendón Specialist In

  • Political communication
  • Hispanic vote
  • Rumor clinic
  • Marketing social
  • Public opinion crisis management
  • Political career mapping


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