Recommendations for the best use of a political consultant

Joe Napolitan, the first person to be called a “political consultant”, wrote these recommendations for candidates, political parties and campaign chiefs.
  • The political consultant should not be considered a threat
  • stablish the consultant responsibilities in advance
  • Make sure you have the right political consultant
  • Get a political consultant as soon as possible
  • Name a direct link with the campaign
  • Decide who is going to know that you hired a consultant
  • Give the consultant the tools and resources he needs.
  • Use your consultant's experience
  • Listen to your consultant
  • Talk with your consultant before making any important decision
  • Always tell the truth to your consultant
  • Instruct your team to cooperate with the consultant
  • Use your consultant's time well
  • Organize your appointments in advance
  • Establish an effective communication system between the visitors and use it
  • Think of your consultant as another member of your trust circle
  • Value your resources in a realistic way
  • Don't let your pride be an obstacle for winning the election
  • Don't point out the consultant's presence if it can be bad for the campaign
  • If you don't understand an advise, ask for a better explanation
  • Make sure that the approved decision actually get done
  • Trust your consultant
  • Agree on a payment schedule and stick to it
  • Don't be afraid to ask for help
  • Don't expect miracles
  • Take your consultant’s advice

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